Audio Loop Player

Type ID: AudioLooper
Interface classes: AudioSampleProcessor RoutingMatrix

Plays a single audio sample.

This module is useful if you don't need the power and efficiency of buffered disk streaming and just want to play a single audio file - or let the end user load custom audio files into your plugin.

It can be connected to a Audio Waveform on your UI - in this case the file that is loaded will also be stored in the user preset.


# ID Description
4 SyncMode Syncs the looper to the host tempo
5 LoopEnabled Enables looped playback
6 PitchTracking Repitches the sample based on the note and the root note.
7 RootNote Sets the root note when pitch tracking is enabled
8 SampleStartMod Modulates the sample start
9 Reversed Reverses the sample