Global Modulator Container

Type ID: GlobalModulatorContainer
Interface classes: RoutingMatrix

A Container for Global Modulators

The Global Modulator Container can hold Modulators that are not directly linked with a Sound Generators chain. They only create their modulation signal.

You can fetch these Modulators with the "Global.."-Modulators all over your Module architecture. This makes it possible to use the same Modulator in different locations.

Global Envelopes

With the release of HISE 3.5.0 it is now possible to also use envelope modulators (= polyphonic, time-variant modulation sources) as a global modulation source. Before this update, this wasn't possible because of this reason:

You can't use envelope modulators as global modulators. The reason for this is that a envelope modulator is quite complex (it can change the release time of a note, otherwise it would be a pretty useless envelope) and that would lead to a lot of unintended consequences. Read more about this in a post about the Global Modulator System .

The solution to the problem described in the link above is to unify the voice allocation for all sound generators. This can be done using the scripting API call Synth.setUseUniformVoiceHandler() .