What is HISE?

HISE is an open source toolkit for building virtual instruments and audio effects.

Key Features


Contribute to HISE

HISE is open source software and you are encouraged to join the development and contribute to the codebase. Before you do so, you will need to sign the Contributors License Agreement before we can accept the pull requests. You will retain the copyright on your submission but grant us a perpetual right to sublicense these modifications along with the rest of the HISE codebase under any license (including the commercial license).

Please download this PDF and send a signed version of it to info (at) hise.audio . We'll return a signed version and from then on start accepting pull requests. Be aware that we obviously don't guarantee to accept every pull request and might refactor it beyond recognition to match the rest of the coding style in HISE.

If you have any questions, want to learn something new, found a bug or want to help in the development of HISE, please join our community at the HISE Forum . You'll meet a bunch of lovely developers there who can surely help you out. See you!