Connects to module type: Script Processor

A floating tile for debugging server activity

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The ServerController floating tile offers a few helpful tools during the development of Server related tasks. It shows a list of all outgoing URL requests, their state / metrics and the parameter and JSON response.
Also it contains a list of all downloads and some tools to start / stop / resume the downloads and show the target location


At the top of this floating tile you'll find a few buttons which allow you to show / hide the data tables and control the server state:

URL Request Table

The URL request table displays every call to Server.callWithGET() / Server.callWithPOST() and offers a few tools to help with server development:

Column Description
LED An colour icon that shows the state (grey = not executed, green = OK, red = some error code)
Status The HTTP status code for that request
URL The exact URL that is called
Timestamp The time since the last Server.setBaseURL() call (which can be considered as server uptime )
Duration The exact time that the server took for the response in milliseconds
Parameter A button that opens a JSON editor with the parameters that were used in the URL request. You can edit the parameters and then press F5 to change them in the original URL - which might be handy before you resend the request
Response If the status code was 200 (OK), you can inspect the JSON response by clicking here.
Resend Resends the URL request again (and executes the callback when there is a response). This is the same as calling the script function again.

Be aware that if you recompile your script, you will loose the ability of resending an URL request (because the callback is invalidated by the recompilation).

Download Table

This table will show a list of all downloads and offer some tools to stop / resume the download. If you are implementing your own download display using ScriptPanels, this table will help you validate the functionality.

Column Description
LED A colour icon with a status indicator
Status A descriptive text for the download status
URL the source URL of the download
Download Size The amount of downloaded data / the download size
Download Speed The download speed
Pause Allows you to pause / resume the download
Abort Cancels the download (and deletes the downloaded file)
ShowFile Opens an Explorer / Finder and shows the target file

Everything that is being displayed in this table can be queried using the Download (LINK!) object. In combination with dynamic ScriptPanels using this method you can implement a fully customizable view of the pending downloads.