A highly customizable virtual MIDI keyboard.

ID Default Value Description
Font Oxygen Bold no description
FontSize 14.0 no description
CustomGraphics false if true, it looks in {IMAGE_FOLDER}/keyboard for files called up_0.png ... to up_11.png and down_0.png to down_11.png. The files have to be present to render the whole keyboard.
KeyWidth 14 set the width of the keys
LowKey 9 the lowest visible key as MIDI note number (C2 = 48).
HiKey 127 set the highest key to display - no need to change that actually :)
BlackKeyRatio 0.7 change the relative height of the black keys
DefaultAppearance true set this to false to use custom graphics
DisplayOctaveNumber false Show the OctaveNumbers C-2 - C7 on each C key
ToggleMode false no description
MidiChannel 1 Connect the keyboard to a MidiChannel, defaults to 1
MPEKeyboard false if the MPE mode is enabled, this keyboard will show a MPE style keyboard with multi touch support.
MPEStartChannel 2 Set the MPE Start Channel
MPEEndChannel 16 Set the MPE End Channel
UseVectorGraphics true Toggle between the (old) filmstrip and the new vector based keyboard
UseFlatStyle false If VectorGraphics are activated you can change this value for a flat keyboard