Off/On button (0/1)

Special Properties

Property ID Default Value Description
filmstripImage "" Select a filmstrip to replace the default button skin.
numStrips 2 Set the correct amount of the strips in the filmstrips
isVertical true Set to false if not vertical (depreciated)
scaleFactor 1.0 if you use a filmstrip, this scalefactor will be used to resize the image. You can use this to support Retina displays.
radioGroup 0 Set to 1 to makes this button part of a radioGroup 1. Multiple buttons in a common radioGroup will toggle between each other.
isMomentary 0 in Momentary mode a button switches its value to 1 when clicked, and back to 0 on mouse release.
enableMidiLearn true o description.
setValueOnClick false o description.

A classic Button. Switch it on to set its value to 1. Press it again to turn it off (0).

Scripting API