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Shortcut: ctrl + Z
Undo the latest Module modification.


Shortcut: ctrl + Y
Redo the latest Module modification.


Shortcut: ctrl + C
Copies the selected HISE Module (and its ChildProcessors) in a .xml representation to the clipboard.


Shortcut: ctrl + V
Paste the copied HISE Module (.xml via clipboard) to the Master or a Container Module to create a copy of it.

Move up

Shortcut: ctrl + cursor up

Move down

Shortcut: ctrl + cursor down

Plot Modulator

Shortcut: ctrl + P

Create script variable

Shortcut: ctrl + shift + C

Create Base64 encoded state

Creates a Base64 encoded string of a HISE Module. (Like the HISE Snippet for the whole HISE preset, but only for a single module..)

You can export and restore the modules current state with scripting.

Close all chains