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Shortcut: ctrl + N
Creates a new HISE preset. You can save it in two different ways:

Open Archive

Open a .hip file in the Presets Folder .

Save Archive

Shortcut: ctrl + S
Directly saves the current Preset.

Save As Archive

Opens a Save As dialog to save the current HISE preset file as .hip.

Save XML

Shortcut: ctrl + shift + S

Save as XML

Saves the current HISE presets module structure as a .xml file in the XmlPresetBackups Folder .

Another Interface .xml is automatically generated in respectively named UIData subfolder.

When you save a HISE Preset with this method, the scripts of your ScriptProcessors will also be saved. They will show up in the Scripts > ScriptProcessors > (your PresetName) > Folder and combine all the ScriptProcessors Callbacks into one file.

This comes in handy if you want to save your project in a version control system and track your changes.

Open XML

Shortcut: ctrl + O
Open a .xml preset file in XmlPresetBackups .

Create new Project

Load Project

Load another project. Opens a OS Folder Browser.

Close Project

Create recovery XML from HIP

Tries to create a recovery XML from a previously saved (or auto-saved) .hip file in case of technical disturbances.

Archive Project

Download archived Project

Show Project folder in Explorer

Open a OS Filebrowser in your current projects parent directory.

Save current state as new User Preset


Open the HISE Settings Dialog.

Create C++ third party node template

Import HISE Snippet

Shortcut: ctrl + shift + V
Replaces the current instrument with a snippet previously exported using Export as HISE Snippet

Make sure you don't have unsaved changes before calling this method.