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Reset custom Look and Feel

Reset Workspaces

If you accidentally messed up HISEs interface, you can clear the interface layout. After restarting HISE its interface will be reset to the default settings.

Toggle Fullscreen

Toggles the fullscreen mode.

Enable Layout Mode

Enables the Layout Mode.

If you toggle the Layout-Mode you get access to the HISE Layout Floating Tiles .

Toggle the Layout Mode in the Custom Workspace, and add new Tabs , Vertical or Horizontal Tiles (right-click ) to create a Custom Workspace Layout. If you toggle the Layout Mode back off you can add HISE Floating Tiles to fill the layout with functionality.

Add floating window

Adds a new Empty Popup Window that can filled (right-click ) with Hise Floating Tiles if you prefer to work with (multiple possible) detached windows.

Add Interface preview

Add a new OS window with the display preview of your instruments/plugins interface. Great for always having your final plugin in view while building the interface.

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