As the self explanatory name suggests, this is the place for all embedded images - filmstrips and backgrounds. Also, all other artwork-related data like custom fonts or the icon should be put here.

HISE supports the most important image types (JPG, GIF and PNG), however it's preferred to use PNG format since it offers the best compression ratio and decompression performance. There is one thing you need to know about images: they can get really big and waste a lot of memory. The reason is that the images will be decompressed and stored in memory as 32bit bitmaps, so retina filmstrips of a 3D rendered knob can easily eat up hundreds of megabyte of RAM.If you're using retina images, be aware that HISE uses a "logical" resolution that is the same as the non-retina pixel size, however you can just feed it with high resolution images and it will automatically scale them correctly (and for non-retina images, use a downscaled version).

Apart from custom backgrounds and filmstrips, there are a few hardcoded locations that HISE will use to look for commonly used image data: