Sampler Settings

The Settings for the Sampler Module. They set how the sampler engine treats your samples with Disk IO-, Voice-, Group- and Playback Settings.

Disk IO Settings

name default value description
Buffer Size 4096 Sets the buffer size of the Sampler. The sampler uses two streaming buffers which are swapped (one is used for reading from disk and one is used to supply the sampler with the audio data).
Preload Size 8192 Change the preload size in samples for all samples that are loaded into the sampler. If the preload size is set to -1 , the whole sample will be loaded into memory.
Purge Channel NoMultiChannel Purge the Channel when using MultiChannel
Memory 0.00MB Shows the memory usage of the loaded samplemap
Disk Usage 0.0% Shows the disk usage of the played samples
Purge All Disabled If Purge All is set to Enabled, all samples of this sampler won't be loaded into memory.

In the Disk IO Settings you can see the Memory and the Disk Usage of the sampler. The memory usage includes the streaming buffers, so if you want to decrease the memory usage, consider lowering the Buffer Size (which increases the disk performance) or reduce the voice amount.

Voice Settings

name default value description
Amount 256 The hard limit of voices that this synth can play.
Soft Limit 256 The soft limit of voices that this sampler plays before it
starts to fade out voices.
Fade Time 20 If you play more than the number of soft-limit voices this setting will determine the fadeout time of each voice that is going to be killed in ms.

Group Settings

name default value description
RR Groups 1 Set the amount of RRGroups of the Sampler
Group FX Disabled Enable, to play all groups simultanously. The crossfade can be modulated in the Group Fade Modulation Chain.
Edit FX Group 1 Set the crossfade table for each RRGroup if Group XF is enabled. Invert the table to crossfade between different groups.

Playback Settings

name default value description
Pitch Track Enabled Change the samples pitch ratio with Root note. Disable this for drum samples.
Retrigger Kill Duplicate Determines how the sampler treats repeated notes: Kill Note , Note Off , Do nothing , Kill Duplicate
Playback Normal Switch between Normal and Reverse Playback. One Shot plays the whole sample (ignores the NoteOff).


You can access most of these properties with scripting. Use a generic script reference to access the Samplers Audio Settings.

const var Sampler1 = Synth.getChildSynth("Sampler1");