Sample Table

The Sample Table is a list of all samples loaded in the current SampleMap. You can sort them with a click on their mapped properties in the top row.

Use the search bar to isolate specific samples by their name. If you have a more special search in mind, you can use the inbuilt RegEx parser .

RegEx Cheatsheet

Isolate a token in the file name

If you want to check one specific token only (tokens are supposed to be parts of the filename that are divided by the separation character (eg. _ ), you can use this expression:

^.*_.*[Interesting part].*_.*
1  2                      3

Whatever you enter into [Interesting part] will be checked only against the second token (if _ is our separation character of course). If you have a (rather bad) filename structure like this:


where there are only numbers, you can use this trick to still get the samples you want.
Let's say the first number is the round robin group and we want to change the volume of the second round robin group by -6db. Just using 2 would cause all kinds of mayhem. Using _2_ would be a little bit better, but there is no guarantee that the other tokens are not this value. The solution for this case would be:


There are two regex elements used in this expression: the beginning of the filename character ^ and the combination .* which simply means

an arbitrary amount of any character.

Translated into english this expression would be:

Any amount of characters after the beginning of the file up to the first underscore, then exactly 2 , then another underscore followed by anything.